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About Us

Dakishvili Family Selection Wines

Dakishvili wine cellar specializes in producing high-end wines of limited quantity. It was founded in 2002 by Giorgi Dakishvili. The wine cellar is located in the village of Shalauri in the most famous wine region Kakheti, in the eastern part of Georgia. The region Kakheti has a deep winemaking tradition, and it is recognized as the birthplace of Amber skin contact wine technology. Mountains and forests surround the village of Shalauri, one of the Eko cleanest areas in the region. Making wine is a sense of life for the Dakishvili family, which has been making wine for over a century. The family-owned boutique winery makes limited, high series of white, amber, rosé, red, and sparkling wines. Besides producing its own grapes, Dakishvilis equiers the highest quality grapes from long-term partner neighbor grape growers. Annually the wine cellar produces around 50,000 bottles of wine. Each wine series consists of 500 to 5,000 bottles, all released under the brand Dakishvili Family Selection.

Our Family

Dakishvili Family

Ancestors of the Dakishvilis came to Georgia in the 1750s from the North part of the Caucasian mountains, the Argun Gorge of Chechenia. They established agricultural and animal husbandry properties in the north of Kakheti Region in the Pankisi gorge, where they planted vineyards, among other crops. Some 150 years later, in early begining 1900th Orthodox priest Simon Dakishvili started making wine for church services. Here he planted ungrafted vines from pre-phylloxera Georgian origin on an expanse of land in the Villages of the Pankisi gorge in a little town called Akhmeta. Nowadays, the Dakishvilis continues making wine in the oldest way in clay pots called Qvevri. At the same time family produces wines with classical technology using modern technics and knowledge by focusing on the existing and current trends on the finest wine consumers demands. Family Members are involved in the everyday process of the wine business, where three of them are professional oenologists.

Giorgi Dakishvili

Temuri Dakishvili
General Director and Winemaker

Davit Dakishvili
Cellar master

Ilona Dakishvili
Winemaker of the sweet and fortified wine

Meri Dakishvili
Social media and public relations

Khatia Dakishvili
Manager of the Dakishvili wine and chocolate Boutique